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In the practice of law, there can be slow times, but also times when there are not enough hours in the day to get essential work done. In the latter situation, our team of research attorneys can help, allowing you to proceed with, yes, the practice of law, such as meeting with clients and prospective clients. We do the research, you practice the law — and you save time and money in the process.

Our research services are affordable and customized to your needs. On many questions, we can give you an answer (or at least a preliminary answer) through our Express-Results service. This service involves up to three hours of online research at a flat fee of $195.00 and we provide an email report of our findings. For more detailed projects (such as those requiring a formal legal memo or briefs), we charge on an hourly basis. See below. 

We believe our services are particularly valuable to small firms, which often lack the staff to get through the busy periods with their head above water. We know budgets are limited, and we are happy to work within tight budgetary constraints.

Contact us by email or phone. Or if you live in the NYC metropolitan area or just visiting, we would be glad to meet with you in our NYC offices. Scroll down for contact details and prices.

Research Services Offered
You can rely on a member of our team (a select group of attorneys with outstanding research and writing credentials) to handle your research needs – from basic research to tasks involving legal memos, pleadings, motions, document review, and trial and appellate briefs — in an affordable and timely manner.

For our research assignments we utilize Westlaw® and LexisNexis® and other online tools, assuring the research is done efficiently and comprehensively.

There are three elements to the services we offer and we take all three very seriously: the research, the writing, and the editing. We are keenly aware that even a small grammatical error or typo can undermine an otherwise exemplary research and writing effort.

If you have already done the research and writing and feel that all your document needs is an editorial review, we can do this quickly and inexpensively. Please visit our sister site

NYC-Based, Nationwide Clientele
We are a NYC-based legal research company, proud of its service to attorneys across the nation in meeting their legal research and writing needs. We cover issues of federal law and state law in all jurisdictions and the District of Columbia.

Contact us by email or phone (see below). And whether you are from the NYC area or in town for a visit, we are always glad to meet with you in our NYC offices to discuss your specific needs. Our offices are conveniently located adjacent to Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. But be assured that regardless of your location, we like to stay in frequent contact during a project to make sure we are providing you with a work product of the highest quality.

Prices – Cost Estimates
We strive to handle your research and writing needs in a cost-effective manner. We can often answer your questions, or at least give a preliminary answer, through our Express-Results service. This service involves up to three hours of online research at a flat fee of $195.00 and we provide an email report of our findings.

Legal memos and briefs, of course, involve greater time and effort, and hourly rates apply. Hourly rates range from $95 to $140, depending on the experience of the researcher and the complexity of the issues involved. A surcharge may apply to rush jobs (less than five business days).

Once you contact us and we have a good feel for the project, we will get back with you right away with a cost estimate or propose a flat fee for the job. We are happy to work with limited budgets.

Contact Information
Please contact Robert S. Want, director of, and provide details on the project you have in mind. We will get back with you right away with a cost estimate or flat fee proposal. This consultation is free of charge. There is no obligation whatsoever.

Mr. Want can be contacted at or by phone (212) 687-3774.

When you send us documents, we prefer that you do so by email attachment. Also, we request that the file be in Word or WordPerfect format, but we can accept other formats as well, including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML. You may also fax material to us (212-687-3779) or send hard copy by postal mail or express delivery to: WANT Publishing Co., 420 Lexington Ave., Suite 300, New York, NY 10170.

About Us, a division of WANT Publishing Co., has as its primary goal that of assisting small law firms in handling work overloads, thus putting the small firm on a more equal footing with the research capability of larger firms.

Most larger firms have the professional and support staff necessary to handle periods of peak demand. This is often not true for smaller firms, where the decision to expand permanent staff greatly increases fixed costs. We feel that use of our services offers the small firm a high quality output while keeping costs down.

WANT Publishing Co. was founded by Robert S. Want in 1975, and the company is proud of its decades-long service to the law profession. The company operates through three divisions: (offering research and writing services), (offering editing and proofreading services), and (reference covering the nation’s federal, state and county courts).

Prior to starting WANT Publishing, Mr. Want worked as a researcher-editor for the Library of Congress (Congressional Research Service). He has also served in an editorial capacity for Bloomberg BNA. Mr. Want has an M.A. degree (Economics) and J.D. degree, both from George Washington University (Washington, DC). He is a member of the Bar Association of the City of New York.

Contact Mr. Want at

All of the research and writing work we perform is recognized as the client’s intellectual property and will be held by us in the strictest confidence. We would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Unless you request otherwise, your files will be retained by us for one month after completion of the job.

Disclaimer offers research and writing services for attorneys and law firms. We are not engaged in the practice of law and do not offer legal advice outside of the research and writing services we provide to attorneys and law firms.

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About WANT Publishing Co.
WANT Publishing serves the legal community through three divisions: (offering research and writing services), (offering editing and proofreading services), and (offering comprehensive coverage
of the nation’s federal, state and county courts).